These flanged retainers are made of aluminium and are anodised to a smooth black scratch resistant finish. Each flanged retainer comes with its own set of screws and threaded inserts for attaching to a bulkhead.



What does a retainer do?

A retainer holds the motor inside the motor tube and prevents it from sliding out the back of the rocket. Retaining the motor during flight is crucial because when the ejection charge fires at apogee, the motor wants to shoot out the back of the rocket (Newton's 3rd law: equal and opposite reactions).


Which motors does this retainer work with?

All of them! This type of retainer works with all brands of motors (both Cesaroni and Aerotech) and all types of motors (both single use and reloadable)


How do I attach this retainer to my rocket?

This retainer is installed so that the flange is flush with the back of the thrust-plate or last centering-ring. Drill the holes, then use an alan key to drive the threaded inserts into the thrust-plate/centering-ring. For extra strength, put a drop of glue/epoxy into the holes before driving the threaded inserts into place. Insert and tighten the screws to secure the base of the retainer on the rocket. The cap of the retainer can be easily screwed on and off to allow for easy changing of motors.


What screws are used? How many are used?

Each screw is a 6-32 x 1/2 stainless steel socket head cap screw. The 54mm retainer comes with 6 screws and the 75mm & 98mm retainers come with 12 screws.

Retainer Assemblies (Flanged/Bulkhead Mounted)


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