This kit comes with:

  • Pre-slotted lower airframe (3 fin-slots)
  • Upper airframe
  • Coupler tube
  • Plastic nose-cone
  • 38mm motor mount
  • Laser-cut fins (3.2mm thick)
  • Parachute (90cm diameter)
  • Bulkhead with eyebolt
  • Nylon shock cord
  • Steel oval screw link (for attaching shock cord to bulkhead eyebolt)
  • Fire proof blanket
  • Launch lug tube (for 6mm launch rods)
  • Centering rings (6.4mm thick)
  • Z-clip and T-nut motor retention system

Intructions for this kit can be found by clicking here.

Click here to download the rocksim file (to use in OpenRocket, change the file extension from .rkt to .ork)

This kit does not come with decals.

Challenge: Can you get this kit to survive a J motor? There is a chance it will destroy the rocket during flight and we are not recommending you use a J motor ... BUT ... if you want to try, we would love to know how it goes.

Loc-IV Rocket Kit


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