This rocket motor requires a Cesaroni 29mm 3 Grain case to fly (not included with motor). Click here to go to that product page.

Because the average thrust exceeds 80N, to purchase this motor you must be Tripoli, AMRS or ARA level 1 certified (or attempting a level 1 certification).

125-G131 Smoky Sam™

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  • Motor G131
    Manufacturer Cesaroni Technology Inc.
    Type Reloadable
    Flame Smoky Sam™
    Quantity per pack 1 motor
    Diameter (mm) 29.0
    Length (cm) 18.7
    Ejection Delay (s) Maximum: 14 (adjustable to less)
    Average Thrust (N) 130.8
    Maximum Thrust (N) 182.6
    Burn Time (s) 1.0
    Total Impulse (Ns) 125.2
    Total Mass (g) 200
    Propellant Mass (g) 89